Nylon Colours is a company based in the United Kingdom which specialises exclusively in the formulation of Nylon coating powders for fluidised bed, mini-coat and electrostatic application. They have worked closely with Arkema at Serquigny for many years and all their powders are based on Rilsan Polyamide 11.

They can supply worldwide at short notice a very wide range of standard colours, including RAL, Munsell, British Standard, Pantone, etc, in addition to the complete range of Rilsan coating powders.
If none of these are suitable, they can custom match colours within a few days.

Nylon Colours also supply antimicrobial and antibacterial, metallic, fluorescent and other special finishes. Special formulations can be produced for particular applications, i.e. highly conductive powder for coating items subject to static build up in explosive atmospheres, bolt patching powder, both standard and crosslinking, high build dipping powders for brassiere underwires etc.

Please advise if you have any further application requirements.

Nylon Colours Ltd
Chamberlain Road,
HP19 8DY,

Tel: +44 (0) 1296 433754
Fax: +44 (0) 1296 392285
Email: sales@nyloncolours.co.uk